Desert Landscapes

The desert areas around Palm Springs offer unique vistas and landscapes. The many natural features include salt flats, dry lakes, several mountain ranges, the Salton Sea, canals, an accessible section of San Andreas Fault, and three desert regions – the Sonoran Desert, Colorado Desert and the Mojave Desert.
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A close by landscape destination unto itself is Joshua Tree National Park.

Often surreal looking, the flora and rock outcroppings offer dramatic scenes and backgrounds. In contrast to desert landscapes, Palm Springs is also known for its golf courses.

Locations Unlimited has access to several private properties and extensive knowledge of the scenic offerings of area landscapes. We have knowledge of film friendly desert roads and popular shopping streets such as El Paseo and Palm Canyon. Our extensive files on neighborhoods in various parts of the desert make it easy for us to locate the ideal suburban street for your shoot.
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Whether you are looking for rough and rugged or manicured perfection, Locations Unlimited can help you find the perfect vista for your next photo shoot.
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